What to Wear to a Summer Wedding For Men

Like any other special occasion or social event, weddings are one. At weddings, everyone gets dressed in special dresses that fit the environment and weather. Sometimes the ones arranging the wedding will tell everyone to follow a specific dress code. This article will help you to get an understanding of what to wear to a summer wedding.

Dresses to wear to a summer wedding:

Summer means the weather is hot. So you have to think of wearing something that would make you comfortable in a hot environment, but at the same time, it will help you to look stylish without sweating. 

Look at the invitation if it mentioned anything about the dress code. What is a dress code? A dress code is something that mentions what you should wear for that specific event. Sometimes there won’t be any dress code. The following passages will walk you through the options that you can follow for dresses to wear to a summer wedding:

Black Tie:

Black Tie

Black tie means tuxedo or dinner suit. This is one of the most common formal dresses for any occasion. Along with the black-tie, you should wear any dress shirt with a black bow tie and of course a pair of polished oxford shoes.


In this case, you can wear a formal suit of your choice with matching suit trousers and a tie. But keep in mind if the host is wearing a black tie then the color of your suit should be at least dark. I mean close the color of your host’s suit. You can always wear a dinner suit if you do not have other options which are mentioned earlier as a black tie.

Summer smart:

This code means more options rather than sticking to a dark suit. This is very popular for hot weather. You can wear the suit of your choice. Neutral or light-shaded suits are most comfortable in warm weather. Railroad stripe or linen suits are best for these occasions as they will help you to remain cool in warm weather. A pair of a loafer with suits will complete the summer smart code.

Smart Casual:

Smart Casual

This means you can wear a dress shirt with formal pants but won’t be wearing any jacket or suit. But as long as you do not want to be the one without suits then you can always go for a separate. In the case of footwear, you can go for loafers or oxfords.


Casual means you can wear a dress of your liking. More suitable will be to wear semi-smart shirts like oxford shirts with chino pants and a pair of leather trainers or boots. Though casual means you can wear anything does not mean you will wear t-shirts or flip flops which would be too casual.

Cocktail attire:

Cocktail attire

This code means you should wear a suit with dark color though charcoal or navy blue is preferred with a plain white shirt and tie. For footwear, you can choose any leather dress shoe. You can also wear separates if you do not want suit jackets.


If it is difficult for you to choose what to wear, then a simple dress like a shirt with trousers and a pair of good leather shoes can’t go wrong and will also make you feel comfortable in warm weather. For warmer weather, always choose fabrics like linen or seersucker for suits and chambray fabrics for your shirts. These fabrics are breathable and hence comfortable in warm weather. If you have already gone through this article then perhaps you have already gathered a clear idea of what to wear to a summer wedding.

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