Simple Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas

We must accept the fact that marriage or wedding is the most important event of one’s life. Therefore, you cannot but decorate the stage of this big event in a way that everyone can remember for a long time. Here, we will try to give you a few simple wedding stage decoration ideas.

The Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas:

The Fairytale-style decoration:

You can have a decoration for your wedding stage like a fairytale – fresh and nice flowers with mild color and fragrance. With the creative application of flowers and light, you can create a memorable fairytale like a wedding stage.

Classic Decorations:

Classic Decorations for wedding stage

Gold and red are the two elements that can make your wedding decoration a classic one. Make sure you browse through decoration ideas based on gold and red themes.

Bright colors:

When it comes to nighttime wedding ceremonies, you need to brighten up the atmosphere. Browse through various ideas for bright color-themed decorations. Be bold and be creative.

Royal-style Stage:

If you have money to spend without worrying, then you should look into royal-style stage decoration. People who can spend billions should spend on such decorations that can go into the pages of history and culture. If you have money then you should marry like the king and the queen.

Simple and classy decoration:

The color ‘white’ means a lot of things. Among them are peace and simplicity. This is a classic theme. You can be creative with white.

Star Filled Night Sky themed decoration:

Remember the game of Prince of Persia: sands of time? The blue sky and starry night made the who game amazingly dreamy. You can make a decoration that has blue, night sky and stars in its theme.

The flowers and curtains:

The flowers and curtains Stage decoration for wedding

It is very common to make use of curtains. The addition of flowers and curtains to the existing red and golden-themed decoration will make it explosive. The decoration comes alive with curtains and flowers.

Indian Hindu Style Decoration:

Indian Hindu-style stage decoration can also be an option if you are from that part of the planet. The gorgeous white theme blows your mind away. It does not have to be too expensive. The gazebo-style stage can be used for weddings and receptions at the same time.

Candle-lit wedding stage decoration:

The candles bring a touch of romance and mystery to a wedding theme. You should consider this theme for your stage decoration with white drapes, and flowers with a backdrop of candlelight.

Royal Indian Stage decoration:

Royal Indian Stage decoration for wedding

There cannot be a better decoration for a wedding than the royal Indian style stage decoration with blue drapes and paisley background. Two gorgeous sofas with lanterns on both sides will attract all the attention to the center of the stage. Imagine becoming a king or queen just for a day!

Lighting it up on the wedding stage:

We have talked about decoration with flowers. What if we bring it up a notch by adding lights of amber and gold? Don’t you want to see how amazing it looks?

Graceful and Elegant decoration:

If you love elegance and gracefulness then this type of decoration is just for you. Imagine a stage with crystal chandeliers, white flowers, and sofas with an accent of gold and you sitting at the center of it all. How is it?

Magnificent and Grand:

If you grew up watching the kings and queens, then you will want something of that magnitude at your wedding, right? King and Queen sitting at the center of the royal court – grand and magnificent. You cannot miss it.


There are many more wedding stage decoration ideas. All you need to do is research. Your mind will be blown away with so many options, so we have made it short for you.

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