How to Get Rid of Wedding Ring Rash

Our skin is very sensitive. It can react to several things from the outside or inside. Often, food causes skin rashes, and sometimes rashes occur when our skin comes into contact with various outside items such as jewelry. We know the wedding ring is very important. But how important is it that you have to wear it 24/7?

What if the ring creates rashes on your skin and slowly makes your skin ugly? Wives or husbands should seriously try to understand that putting the ring away for some time will not make you guys unfaithful to each other. Faith is not something so flimsy that it will break just because you are trying not to get rashes or becoming ugly. So, do not jump to weird conclusions every time your spouse puts the ring off. Ask the reason first!!! In this article, we discuss how to get rid of wedding ring rash.

Wedding ring rash is a kind of skin condition which occurs right beneath the ring that you wear all the time. It is visible when you remove your ring. It does not occur the moment you wear the ring. It occurs after rather a long time of wearing the wedding ring. It can go or come or come to remain as chronic.

Symptoms of Ring Rash:

The rash does not occur just like that. There can be many underlying reasons for it. So, a thorough physical check-up should be done with the doctor. Usually, there could be a few symptoms like the following:

  1. Cracked or dry skin.
  2. Burning or swelling.
  3. Itchy or red patches.
  4. Scaly patches.

The Reasons of Ring Rashes:

Sometimes because of contact dermatitis, your skin can get a rash. When your skin comes into contact with something that irritates your skin, and a reaction takes place. Usually, jewelry contains gold or nickel. These two can cause your skin to get an allergy. If you have an allergic reaction to these two, you will get a rash. Even if you have a gold ring, the metal band may have nickel traces in it. That way, you can also get a rash. The chemical that your body secrets in that part of your body, in that part you will get irritation and it will become itchy.

We wash our bodies with soap, right? Know this, even the soap building up beneath the band of your ring can give you rashes. It is called Occlusion dermatitis. If you have debris beneath the band of the ring you may have the same problem. This dirty situation is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Treatment of Wedding Ring Rash:

Treatment of Wedding Ring Rash

There are multiple ways to treat your ring rash. One of these or a combination of these usually helps with both the conditions based on the cause of the rashes. The treatment is not so sophisticated that you cannot do it at home. You can cure these issues by taking some home treatment. Let us have a look at the solutions.

Nail Polish:

As we have discussed before, nickel or its traces in the ring body can cause irritations. Over time the nickel tends to come in direct contact with your skin and ruin it. In this case, use clear nail polish to coat the inside part of the ring that comes into direct contact with your skin. This will create a sort of barrier between your skin and the nickel of the ring.

Take Professional Help:

If you need it, some professional jewelers are more than willing to clean and preserve your ring for a fee. They are experts in preserving the present setting of the ring and the fixture of the stone on the ring.


Do not be careless just because ‘it is just a rash’. Your contact dermatitis can very well be linked with eczema. So, to prevent this from happening you need to take your ring off and put it in a safe and secured place where only you can access it. Clean your hand, ring, and use moisturizer to keep your finger moist. Be careful so that no water or soap can build up under the ring and on the skin.

Soap for gentle skin:

When you go shopping, look for a soap which is for gentle skin. Deodorizing and moistening your skin with gentle soap is always helpful. You also need to avoid antibacterial soaps, moisturize, etc., so that your skin can be safe.

We have talked about the core problem and solution of how to get rid of wedding rash. Now, if the solutions mentioned here do not work, immediately call your doctor for further assistance.

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