Gorgeous Wedding Lighting Ideas of 2021

Wedding ceremony decoration is just as important as the event itself. The environment, the ambiance, etc., must all come together and create a memorable atmosphere. Not just that, the photos of the ceremony become unforgettable only because people put so much effort into the decoration. Lighting up the ceremony is a vital part of the decoration. If you do not have good lighting, everything else will fall apart. The flowers, the drapes, or other elements will show glory in the photos only if you have successful lighting for the event. Therefore, in this article, we are going to give you some wedding lighting ideas.

Bringing the Outdoor Elements Inside:

votive candles

You can easily bring the outdoor vibe indoors by bringing in the hanging votive candles, greenery, and candles. Cleverly setting up the lighting will surely give you an amazing memory that you can talk about later for many years to come.

Starry Night Sky on the Ceiling:

Why not light up the ceiling like the night sky full of stars? Decorate the dining hall with the starry night look to give a vibe of an open sky.

Fair of String Lights:

Perhaps, string light is such an idea that it can be found on all of the continents. Regardless of culture or religion, string lights have been lighting up the lives of newlyweds for a very long time. Hang them above, from the roof, with a touch of green vines, or whatever looks great. You can do absolutely anything with this string light if you are creative.

Drapes and Garlands:

These are great elements for indoor or outdoor decoration. With a touch of intelligent creativity, you can never go wrong with the drapes and garlands for wedding decoration. Fill the space like walls with drapes wrapped with string lights and garlands. The drapes will shine from the light with a touch of greenery.

Add a Fixture:

You can make very good use of the bare ceiling right above your head. Get an old and glorious-looking vintage chandelier. Make your guests feel at home at the dining hall during dinner.

Use Taper Candles on Tables:

Candles on Tables

You have dinner tables set up. Why not get a mix of bistro lights from above the head and taper candles on the tables? The balance of both will surely make a beautiful lighting experience.

Lining Up Lanterns:

Many of you want to have an open-air wedding ceremony. The ceremonial dinner and the dance stage – all will be under the open sky. Line up some lanterns that create a nice ambiance for the dinner and the dance. You cannot get enough of this.

Create Chandelier Orbs:

Ever played games where you gather beautiful-looking colorful orbs? What about getting a bit bigger orb-like chandeliers? Hang them against a snow-white backdrop and decorate with greenery. It will change the look of the whole room!!

Clever Use of Spotlights:

Why not try something special. Control the spotlight to highlight the main items in the event, the bride and the groom, the parents of both, the dining tables, the stage, the dance floor, etc. You can light them up at the appropriate moment instead of keeping them in bright light all the time. Just make it very interesting for the attendees.

Mini String Lights:

These small string lights do not distract from the real objective. You enjoy a nice wedding ceremony and have a nice dinner. But the lights above you are just perfect, not too dim, not too bright.

Mini String Lights

These are just a few wedding lighting ideas for you. You can build up from these examples. You can do more research and find out the best lighting for your marriage.

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