The Ultimate Simple Wedding Checklist of 2021

You are at the right place if you are looking for a simple wedding checklist. If you start a project, like all other projects, you need to have an excellent checklist that will keep you on the right track over a long time. Now, if the wedding is not a project, then we do not know what it is. It needs resources – manpower, time, money, and place; not just that there are stakeholders. You can even create a Gantt Chart for this project if you like.

In short, it is a project, and you need to have a checklist of tasks to be done and struck off of the checklist. It works like a to-do list, and at the same time, it will give you a progress report. So, let us see the checklist, shall we?

The biggest comes first:

If you talk to people, they will start talking all sorts of steps, and it will be complete chaos in your head. So, for us and you, the tentative date of your wedding ceremony comes first. Set a few probable dates but make sure to set a date no later than. This will set every other task to be done in motion.

The second has to be the financial matter. You have to sit and calculate exactly how you can spend. Do not make the mistake of choosing dresses, rings, venues, etc., first because you cannot buy anything if you cannot pay for it! Even if you are to take out a loan, you have to know how much you can spend toward your wedding and take the loan you need because then you will have to pay the principal and the interest. Just for a wedding, you cannot ruin your life after the wedding!!

Once you have set your budget and calculated a loan amount – the whole picture will be in front of you. You will understand what your ability is. Now, you can pick the rings, dresses, venues, etc.

Wedding styles

The Wedding styles:

You have now the vital items on your list, the smaller items will follow nicely through. You can now put a guest list, photographer, flowers, dresses, etc. Sit with your soon-to-be wedded partner and match your checklists. Now put down everything on a combined list and make a plan to attack the list. With this discussion, you both will be able to pick your next target task and efficiently finish the job.

Invitations and wedding website:

Now that you have your venue, the ceremony date, and the vision of the wedding, you need to send the invitation cards to guests on your guest list. Also, do not forget to create the wedding website where you will put every single detail of the progress of the preparation and also the checklist. While you are at it, make the wedding registry as well. It will be a fun activity that you both can do together.

Selecting Vendors:

You have your venues done, you have your vision, website done, registry done. So, you should focus on the shopping list for various items – dress, rings, party dresses, tailors, photographers, etc. You can find musicians or artists or performers for music or songs. To find a good florist for flower decoration.


You have not forgotten the bachelor or bachelorette parties, have you? Yes, you need to do the ‘one last time’ parties. Make sure to write them on your checklist. Also, add a bridal shower if you want.

Final touch:

If guest counting is done, then finish the rental item orders, update catering services. Get your dress fitted. Get the thank you gifts. Send a complete list of events and schedules to your photographer. If you have a lot of things to do from the checklist, then call for help. Ask your friends and family.

Discuss the expectations with the members of the wedding party, get the seat arrangements, meet the officiant, finalize details of the marriage license, document for a name change, etc.

Final Day:

The day of Wedding

So, everything has been taken care of on the checklist. Now is the time to rehearse. Then is the wedding day. Go through all the steps just like rehearsal and eat, sing and do merrymaking after the knot has been tied.

This is a very simple wedding checklist for your convenience. But we hope this will help you as a guiding light, and you can always improvise. Happy wedding!

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