How to Write a Best Man Speech Easily at a Wedding

The ‘Best Man’. Yes, if you have got the job, you have to be the best man indeed!! It is a responsibility that could actually make everyone happy or just ruin everything there is. Whoever you are, or whatever your relationship is with the couple – in that wedding ceremony, there is no one better than you are. The couple has entrusted you with a great burden of a speech, and you cannot ruin it for anything in the world. In this article, we want to lessen your burden, even if it is by a little. We will tell you how to write a best man speech.

When a family or couple designates you as the best man, you will have to go through a lot of planning, for example, the bachelor party. You need to show your best side to everyone. The most important of all will be to be the one to deliver the best man’s speech. You may excel in presentation, or you may have severe stage fright, but you have to stand up to the challenge. The only way you can survive the heat is by practicing well.

Tips on How to Write a Best Man Speech:

Okay, now that you have the job of best man’s speech. You need to prepare well. You cannot be too sophisticated or not too tacky. There are numerous ways you can produce one. We will share some insights with you here. But practice a lot.

Plan Ahead:

First of all, you have to plan from a very early stage. Delay will never help. If you have got the job, start right away. As the wedding events come rolling in one after the other, you will get less time for speech preparation. Unless you wish to embarrass the newlyweds and the whole gathering, spend a lot of time brainstorming for the speech.

Drawing Attention:

Start with something catchy. It should strike the wedding venue like thunder – not in a bad sense. You will have to set the mood by delivering a fantastic line.

Be Aware of Jokes:

Jokes are a great way to mix funny words and make people laugh, but you have to be very careful about choosing them. If your strategy is not carefully done, you may offend a bunch of people. Talk about the groom but do not touch the wife.

Find an audience to practice:

You need a review of your best man speech performance. You must find your friends who will help you go through with this difficult process. You can record your speech with a video recorder and examine it to find any visible flaw. Send them to your friends for critique. You can also stand in front of a mirror and do a lot of practice.

Write the whole thing down:

Okay, you may have a good memory and memorize anything with time, but do not trust your memory for this special job. You never know what might happen during the ceremony. Responsibility comes with pressure which can mess everything up at the right moment. So, write down the main points so that you can just build around those bullet points. No one likes it long. No one likes it too short either. So, make sure you do not say unnecessary things or leave important things out.

best man speech in wedding

Mix it well:

You need to be creative but not in a too difficult way. Just do not be monotonous. Mix your tones with varieties of appropriate emotions just like drama, where you see a lot of mixed emotions.

Be confident:

Although it is a sort of presentation, it is not like people are there to fire you from your day job! They are your friends and families of friends. So, be confident and relaxed and speak every word clearly with pauses in appropriate places.

Improvise if need be:

If you suddenly blank out, just point the audience’s attention to the couple and glorify them! That’s it! That will do the job!

There you have it: a short guide on how to write a best man speech. We hope this will be enough to give you a start in a specific direction. You are more than capable enough to handle the rest! Just do some research, and you will be able to find words without any worry.

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