How to Plan a Wedding Ceremony

Although a significant part of the global society does not care about marriage or wedding ceremonies anymore, there also is a very large number of people who believe in the red string of fate, soulmate, match made in heaven, etc., in other words, at weddings. Weddings are still a very important ceremony in a normal persons’ life. Irrespective of racial, religious, or ethnic background, people still work very hard to get married. As a result, we have marriage ceremonies. As the western or Christian way of marriage is the most popular among even the non-western populace, we will talk about a typical western marriage. 


Planning ahead of time is the most important. This is the first step of how to plan a wedding ceremony. This phase is where you need to make a solid plan if you do not want to disappoint your partner. So, you have to get the order, theme, and timing right for your wedding ceremony to be perfect.


exchanging rings

The usual western weddings have these events in order – procession, the welcoming, the introduction, the reading, exchanging vows, exchanging rings, the kiss, the unity, final comments and the announcement of the newly wedded couple, and the recessional. These events are very important. So, make sure that you match the decision of your bride while planning your ceremony.


The theme is very important. You will want to give the attendees a glimpse of who you are at present, and what made you you presently are – your past, and how you wish to live your life from that point on – in the future. 


Keep the time within the sweet spot of half an hour otherwise, the guests will either feel confused or bored to death.

Personalizing Each Moment:

Now that you have everything figured out, you need to focus on the next few things.

Wedding Ceremony reading vows


Please write your vows. Spend some quality time thinking and working on the vows. This will show your genuine intention and sincerity. 

The Readings:

To have a touch of elegance and class, you should include a reading that closely reflects your life. You can ask your close friend or a family member to do the reading. You can select dialogues from a drama or movie or religious texts or novels or poems. You need to match the vibe of the crowd and the day.

Unity Ceremony:

The unity ceremony can involve making a sandwich to make fruit juice together to show how closely both of you match each other’s pace and complement each other. This is a symbolic way of showing the people that you are great together.


Music selection is also a very important part of the wedding ceremony. You need to be very cautious about the taste of the people attending and the selection of the music that will be liked by all. There are wedding party bands and singers for this particular occasion.

Planning Your Exit:

Planning Your Exit on Wedding Ceremony

Exiting with a memorable event is always very important. Confetti, flower petals, etc., can be used. What you need to do is to check if the wedding hall has any restrictions or cleaning up fees.

Final words:

Let us go over a few very vital points. First of all, never forget the ring. Use your head and hand to write the vows. Get familiar with the people who will make all these happen and help you finish the wedding. This will make a friendly atmosphere during the wedding. Please, hire a professional wedding planner. Lastly, do not be with just yourself – look around, signal to your family and friends, smile at the audience, and take some air. We hope you have a beautiful wedding ceremony by following this article on how to plan a wedding ceremony.

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