How to Pick your Wedding Colors

When it comes to color, we become very uncertain even in our daily life activities; and if it is about a wedding then we become clueless as to which color will be the best for the wedding. On a super important day like the wedding day, everything needs to look the brightest and colorful. It is not just the dress of the couple but also the elements surrounding the couple. In this article, we will discuss how to pick your wedding colors.

Inspiration from your surrounding

Let us start from the location. When it is time to look for a wedding venue, start by having a palette of color in your mind. You need to decide if you are looking for a venue that matches the colors in your mind or if you are looking for a venue that has just the perfect color. In the latter case, you try to get inspired by the venue, not the other way round.

In some cases, it might happen that you will find a venue you like, but the colors do not match. In those cases, just try to work with one or two specific colors. You do not want to let people know that you are completely overhauling the arena because the colors do not match. That would be a total waste of money. If your venues are like converted lofts, warehouses, or tents, you can work on them as you wish because they are like an empty canvas.

When you have found the venue you like, then be creative to use the space to find out a color palette that matches the venue. Get inspiration from the location, nature, or size or shape of the empty spaces, the lighting, the rugs, and so on. Everything should mesh well together in harmony. Do not change but enhance the color of the venue spaces.

Know Your Priorities

Although one of the most important tasks of a wedding is to pick a venue, choosing the right color is also very significant. If you like a particular flower and always dreamed of a wedding in an ocean of them, you should start working from there. Do not try to fit the flowers in later. Start with the flower as your top priority. If you choose such a color which makes other important elements lost in space instead of standing out. Then it will be a bad choice.

Take season into your consideration

The time of the year when you are getting married can also play a vital role in choosing the right color. For example, if you are getting married in Spring then choose rosy pink. On the other hand, in summer it will be a bright coral color. Work on the texture and accent of your color.

The mood

 wedding colors

Color brings in a mood. Think about the color codes of our society. When we wear black at a funeral, the mood is already heavy and somber. But with a brighter color, the mood also lights up. So, go with brighter color tones and textures for your jewelry, dress, and other venue decorations to set the mood.

Look at the color of things at home

Home is where you live now and will be living for a long time. So, look at the color combination of things at home. The color of objects at your home may seriously inspire your wedding color scheme.

Research is a must

You need to do a lot of research. You can find your inspiration from fashion magazines, galleries, weddings, gardens, and so on. You will be able to discover new ways to use a particular color.

The colors and opposites

Look at the color wheel. Usually, the opposite colors go well together. You can use the pair of warm and cold colors, or you can use color neighbors, etc.

Do not waste too much brain

The more you complicate the whole process or overthink it, there is chance that you will mess it up in the end. So, just go with what you feel comfortable with.

These points are not all. You can talk to professionals too. They are there to help you with something you do not know about. But we hope that this article will at least give you a clue as to How to Pick Your Wedding Colors.

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