How to pick a Wedding date

A wedding is one of the most important events of your life. You cannot take it easy when it comes to weddings. There are so many things to do! Starting from family meetings to set up dates for engagement and then to the wedding date, everything must be meticulously planned.

Now, if you do not set a tentative date, the whole process cannot begin. Weddings are a very big project like any other project. It needs manpower, resources such as time and money, space, etc. Just like all those projects, you have to set dates for important events. I can tell you now, people will always ask you about the dates. So, let us see how to pick a wedding date.

When to set a wedding date

wedding date

It depends on individual couples. Every couple has their issues to solve and compromise before they can decide on a date. It is a good thing to decide how long your wedding preparation should take. Usually, according to our experience, most couples take on an average of 15 months to prepare everything. This duration should be enough for most people. You will be able to comfortably cross important things out one by one within such a long time.

Finding a wedding dress can be very cumbersome, and booking a reception venue will take around eleven months. First of all, try to make a list of venues that you like and then ask for a booking. They will tell you the openings, and then you can decide when to set the date for the wedding.

But if you do not like putting things off for far too long, then just set a date about six months later. This shortens the time frame for each event, and eventually, you will be able to squeeze everything within the time.

Symbolic Dates

Try to think of events in your life. Try to find out if a specific date rings any bell. It could be the first meeting with your partner or maybe the first official date. It can be anything that holds meaning to you and your partner. You can also look into your culture or religion for specific dates to fix for weddings, too.


Wedding Season

Maybe, from your childhood, you had a dream to get married in a particular season – like a rainy day, spring or autumn, etc. You may not like a particular venue just because the weather is bad. Like you chose to get married on a rainy day yet chose an outdoor venue. So whether or season matters.

Cheapest Month for Wedding

Not everyone can set fire on their bank account and be relaxed. There are people from all sorts of financial backgrounds. So, if you are having trouble keeping it together and having a wedding, then avoid months like June, October, or September when the price of things is very high. Try to avoid expensive months, and you will be okay.


Some couples can only get their wedding done during their holidays. For them, the Christmas season is the best. At the end of the year, they get a holiday to finish their wedding and also go on their honeymoon. Besides, every country or culture has its own set of holidays and religious vocations. You can also consider these vacations for weddings.

Considering the preference of the VIPs

You cannot just think of what you want for yourselves. There will be many VIP guests too! You need to consider if they can attend your wedding on the specific dates that you are choosing. So, you can make a list of dates and talk to them to find out which is the most common day.

Skip Some Days

You also need to avoid bad days to get married. For example, the weekend before the day you pay your taxes if any or both of you are related to tax somehow. Like this, every profession has a very busy day of the year. All you have to do is avoid those days.

Lucky day

Lucky Days

Everyone is searching for their lucky day. Try to find yours depending on the cultures and religions. Try to get married on a day which is supposed to be lucky.

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