How To Make a Wedding Veil

A veil is a part of a wedding dress that is made from silk or nylon nets. A veil matches any wedding dress, whether the dress is a tea-length dress or a ball gown dress. A veil is an important accessory to your wedding ceremony.

In the ancient eras, a bride was covered with clothes from top to bottom to represent her as a pure and untouched innocent girl. This cloth was also used to keep the evil spirits away from the bride which may take away her happiness.

Queen Victoria was the first person who used a veil in her marriage ceremony. The purpose of the veil is to hide the face of the bride. Nothing supernatural or evil is happening here.

Making a wedding veil:

Decide the length:

long Wedding Veil

First, you have to decide how long the veil you want to be. Take help from your friends or family members to measure the length. Normally the length of a veil is up to the fingertips. But it is not limited to fingertips. The length can be up to shoulder, elbow or floor, or cathedral. The veil will also cover your whole face, even the side of the face.

Buy the cloth for the veil:

Select the tulle of your personal preference. It may or may not complement your wedding dress. But the veil complementing the wedding dress is a good idea. Now comes the width of the tulle. If you want your veil for shoulder length then look for something that is 55 inches wide. For a longer veil that means up to the floor or cathedral, go for 108-inch wide tulle.

Shaping the bottom of the veil:

You can keep the tulle as it is, which means rectangular. But it would be more prominent if you cut the bottom of the veil in a rounded rectangular shape. A rotary cutter is best for this purpose because if you use a scissor the shape may not come as desired.

Designing the rounded edge of the veil:

rounded edge wedding Veil

To give your veil a more elegant look you can sew silk ribbons or beaded trims at the edge of the veil. For ribbons keep an inch from the edge then, sew the ribbon, and after that, cut the excess part of the tulle. For using beaded trim, the tulle texture should be a little stiff.

Sew Top of the veil:

At the top of the tulle, sew two rows that are half-inch apart. You can hand sew them or use a sewing machine. For a full veil, you can do it by staring straight at the top, but a veil that is not full in that case starts sewing at the center of the tulle.

Pull the stitch:

After sewing the rows at the top carefully pull the thread at the end of each side which will make the tulle gather. You should pull until the gathered tulle has a length of two or four-inch. After this, tie the thread to a knot and cut off the extra part.

Use a comb to sew the veil to it:

Take a hair comb of length four inches. Now sew the veil top with the upper part of the comb between the comb teeth. Tie the thread to a knot and cut the extra part.


After finishing sewing the veil to the comb it’s time to finish the process. To decorate, you can sew some flowers made from silks or pearls or rhinestones, but you have to make sure these match your wedding dress.


In this article, we have discussed how to make a wedding veil in classic style. There are many other options that you can follow. You should prepare your veil at least two or three months before and store it over a hanger and inside a bag in a place where it won’t get distorted or won’t get any dirt on it.

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