How to Make a Wedding Bouquet

A wedding bouquet is a collection of flowers that a bride carries while she walks down the decorated aisle of the wedding to get married. The flowers can be of different colors or the same, and the size of the bouquet may vary.

A wedding bouquet can be the main focal point in a wedding ceremony. This tradition of wedding bouquets started in ancient Rome and greek where brides would carry fragrant plants or herbs to get rid of any bad luck. The flower was also considered as the symbol of hope, happiness, and a new beginning. Also, the plants and herbs were used as perfume to hide any kind of body odor. Today’s bouquet tradition started in the Victorian era. At that time the bouquet was used by the bride to express her love and romance towards his new life partner.

Nowadays, it is an accessory that is chosen based on the color and beauty of the flowers. Today we will learn how to make a wedding bouquet.

Making the wedding bouquet:

Making the wedding bouquet

Many would like to give the bouquet making to a professional bouquet expert, which costs a lot only due to their labor and sourcing of the flowers. But if you give yourself some time and try to do it yourself then you can cut the cost. 

First, you have to decide what kind of flower you would like to incorporate into your bouquet. Expert opinion is to go for the flowers that will represent more of your wedding environment and your wedding dress. Now for color, there are two options. You can go for the contrasting color or may choose the complementary color. Both will be fine for a wedding bouquet.

You have to be determined about the style of your bouquet. It is all up to you whether you want to have a classic bouquet or a garden bouquet. For a classic bouquet make it simple with only two or three types of flowers and add no or less greenery to the bouquet. In case of a garden or cascade bouquet, you can add five to six types of flowers that have more texture and contrast, and also some greenery will make it more prominent.

After completing the above-mentioned points you have to source the flowers for the bouquet. If you have your garden, then you can pick the flowers from there. If not then you can look in local nurseries or shops for your preferred flowers. Also can take the help of the internet or you may say online shopping.

pick the flowers from garden

Final thing is to prepare the bouquet, which should be done a day before your wedding. This is the best option. You may also prepare it on the wedding day if you have time.

Now comes what you need to make a wedding bouquet. Nothing special. The flowers and greenery are the main items. Then you need a scissor or sharp blade to trim the bouquet, rubber bands, and floral tapes to hide the rubber bands.

Get rid of the leaves from the stem of flowers and the lower half of the greenery. Then cut the stems at an angle of forty-five degrees. Now put them in the water before assembling the bouquet.

After preparing the flowers and greenery, start preparing the bouquet. First, prepare the base, then add the large flowers and greenery. Then add the small flowers and greenery. Then trim the bouquet if necessary. Then wrap a rubber band tightly around the base. Your bouquet is almost done. Now to hide the rubber band add a fashionable ribbon or large floral tape around the rubber band. You can stand with your bouquet in front of the mirror to get an understanding of how it looks from the front and make changes if necessary.

wedding bouquet


After the wedding ceremony, you can throw away the bouquet or you can preserve it if you want. You can keep them in a vase with water and keep giving floral nutritions after every few days as long as the flowers live. This article will give you a clear idea of how to make a wedding bouquet.

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