How to Clean Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is a ring made from metals mostly from precious metals like gold. These rings are worn by a married person. Wedding rings are worn on the fourth or ring finger. The wedding ring is put on the hand of the user that is opposite of his dominant hand.

The first idea of a wedding ring came from ancient Egypt. They made wedding rings from braided ropes. They used to wear it on their left hand’s fourth finger as they believed there was a vein of love connected to that finger. Also, the circular shape was like an endless circulate that represents forever love. Wedding rings were also popular in ancient Rome and Greece. They first started using wedding rings made from bones or leather. But gradually, they started using iron as a material to make wedding rings. Even gold was used for those who were wealthy.

In the byzentine empire on the wedding rings the first letter of the couples were engraved. Even nowadays, some people like to engrave their initials as a sign of love. The most popular version of the wedding ring was the gimmel ring from the 16th and 17th centuries. The gimmel ring was made from two or three links joined together to give a shape of a ring.

Nowadays, there are various designs for wedding rings. To make expensive wedding rings, some prefer to use diamonds on them. This article will tell us the process of how to clean wedding rings.

Cleaning wedding rings

How to clean wedding rings step by step:

The process of cleaning a wedding ring is quite simple. You can follow the procedure described below:

  • Take a bowl filled with hot water. The water should not be boiling, and the amount should be enough to submerge the ring.
  • Add some liquid soap to the hot water.
  • Submerge the ring in the water with liquid soap for at least 15 minutes.
  • Take the ring from the water and use a soft brush to clean any dirt left on the surface.
  • After brushing off the dirt, put the ring under running water and then use a soft cloth to remove water from the ring.

There is also this ultrasonic cleaning process. In this case, the ring will be submerged in the solution, and with high-frequency sound wave bubbles around the ring will be created. These bubbles with high pressure burst on the ring thus dislodging any dirt on the jewelry. These procedures are ok even if the wedding ring has gemstones like diamond or sapphire. But if the ring has emerald or turquoise or opal on it then these procedures can not be used as they are very delicate and also very porous.

Clean wedding rings

For these gemstones on your ring, instead of submerging them, take a soft cloth, moisturize it, and gently brush over the ring until the dirt is gone. After that take a dry soft cloth and remove any moisture from the ring. Because if moisture is left on the gemstone then when the moisture dries out and gets exposed to high temperature the gemstone can break on its own. Also, avoid using alcohol, acid, bleach, or any such thing. You can use oil to increase the shining of the emerald on the ring.


As we already know how to clean wedding rings, we must also need to know how often the cleaning should be done. It is good to clean your wedding ring after every two or three weeks. Because cosmetics or foods can stain your ring if you use them regularly. Also, keep them in a soft pouch and in a place where there is no dust or dirt.

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