How to Clean Wedding Dress

Accidents are a part of our life. We can never prepare enough. That is why we need to know prevention as well as a cure for accidents that may or may not happen one day to ruin everything on a perfect day.

We know how important a wedding is and we also know the value and significance of a wedding dress. So, what if your wedding dress somehow gets dirty, or maybe it is just fine except for a few things that need to be cleaned? In this article, we try to find out how to clean wedding dress or preserve your precious wedding dress.

Our villain

The wedding dress is very delicate, and its design is intricate. So, cleaning is also very complicated. You cannot just get your washing machine and the detergent and throw in the dress like ‘fire in the hole’ and be done with it. If you are not careful enough, you will face problems:

  • Fabric turning yellow.
  • Brown spot from oxidation.
  • Mildew and mold.
  • Permanent creasing of the fabric.

The Cost of treatment of your wedding dress

First of all, you cannot do it on your own. There are legitimate specialists in this field. They will treat your wedding dress for a significant amount of cost. It can vary within the range of 250 to 750 USD. You should put this into consideration as a wedding expense if you are using a dress which your mother gave you.

Wedding Dress

Dry cleaning vs Preservation treatment of wedding dress

Unlike dry cleaning, in preservation treatment, an expert will observe your dress and make a plan based on the stitching, fabric, details, and level of stain in the dress.

There are also dry cleaners who provide special wedding dress cleaning services. So, what you need to find out is if they are using recycled or virgin solvent. Recycled ones are bad news as they can later deposit onto your dress with a smell. The only virgin solvent must be used.

You have to do your research to find out the policies for preservation. Preservationists or dry cleaners must guarantee that they will not damage the dress, if damaged they will refund the price of the dress and for how long the dress will look its best after the preservation treatment.


You need to be mindful of a few things. There are stains you cannot see with your naked eyes. Usually, things like white wine that does not show immediate stain right after they dry. They contain sugar, and this will slowly caramelize, and after a few months, the stains will turn into yellowish stains and will turn dark with time. If you apply heat the process will only expedite. The experts will make a treatment plan according to their observation.

The Labels

You can always find out basic information from the labels of a dress. Usually, they give you specific instructions on how to clean the dress. When you hand the dress over to the cleaner, be sure to mention the instructions and tell them to follow the instructions to the letter.

Timely Cleaning

Clean Wedding Dress

Do not delay in cleaning or treating your dress. The moment the issue of dress comes to your mind, get the dress to the preservationists or dry-cleaning service. The faster the better. When your wedding is done, take the dress off and arrange the dress to be sent to the specialist.

Airtight and storing

Never keep your dress in the open. Always seal it airtight. There is moisture in the air, and it can harm your dress. First, take out all the oxygen from the preservation box and then put nitrogen inside. This prevents discoloration, aging, or oxidation. Never break the seal once it is airtight. If ever opened, then go through the preservation process and then put the dress back inside the sealed box. Then keep the dress in a dark and cool place.

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