How to Choose Wedding Rings

Weddings are one of the most important events of one’s life. Thus, wedding rings also become the most important gift of your life. It will always be with you and remind you of the memories of your life together with your family. Then you can hand it down to your next generation as their wedding gift from you. It will be wonderful. Hence, choosing rings for weddings is a very important task. We will try to guide your decision with a few ideas of how to choose wedding rings.


We are informed well enough to know that in the market for wedding rings, the sky is always the limit. People who buy apartments at Burj Khalifa and people who live in a studio apartment and do part-time jobs – both come to buy wedding rings. So, the market offers rings for people with all types of wallets – thin to mega fat. You need to decide the budget.

Ring Size

There are international standards for ring sizes. All you need to do is search for them on the internet. You need to visit your local market to see which standard they are following. Then you can choose a size according to that standard.

The Style

You need to choose a style which you will always love. You have to find your taste by asking yourself what style it is that you can never part with.

Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring

This is very important. Your budget, size, and style will not change overnight. So, when you decide on a wedding ring, you should look for a ring that can complement your engagement ring. They will be really good together.

Shape types of wedding ring

There are two main types of ring shapes – court-shaped and shaped rings. Court-shaped rings are classics, they are round through and through. Shaped-type rings complement the engagement rings. If you have an engagement ring and want a ring that is shaped around the engagement ring, this is the type you are looking for.

The metal of the ring

You can choose from platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and titanium as the metal for your wedding ring. As we have talked about before, you need to choose the one that fits your budget and taste. Platinum is the rarest, purest, and eternal metal because it does not fade or tarnish. You get white gold by mixing a white metal alloy, i.e., platinum with yellow gold.

The metal of the ring

Later the mixed metal is coated with rhodium for the white luster. This type of metal needs to be recoated periodically. Yellow gold has become very rare these days. If you mix copper and yellow gold, rose gold is achieved. It has a romantic rosy hue. Titanium rings are the best for sensitive skins because they are hypo-allergic. It is lightweight and has a dark grey color.


There are three particular styles of wedding rings. Eternity ring style – matching diamonds complete a full circle around the ring which shows the eternal love between two persons. Half eternity ring style – diamonds only cover the half-circle of the ring. Plain band ring style – simple smooth, polished, or a brushed finish for the wedding ring without any diamonds.

How much to spend

Although there is no set rule for this, you should match your engagement ring. Choose the same metal as the engagement ring. This will not create any psychological problems later on.

The Ring Finger

The finger that is closest to the heart is the third finger of your left hand. But you can choose which finger you will make the ring for. Try to follow the finger size guide during the decision-making phase.

The Ring Finger

The one to buy the ring

It depends on the tradition or cultural norm of your society. It can be the parents or the groom himself, or it can be the groom and bride both.

Weddings are very important, and so are the rings. It is important that you match your ability and tastes and always decide together which rings to buy. A happy family starts with correct decisions made by both of you.

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