How to Choose a Wedding Dress

We often see in tv dramas or movies that a wedding dress is passed down to the heroine of the story, although she does not have a man in her life. The wedding dress is so very important that without a perfect dress that fits a lady, there can be no wedding at all. The wedding dress signifies how important the bride is. So, we need to choose a wedding dress very carefully. The following instruction will answer how to choose a wedding dress for you.

Timing and Sizing:

Usually, you buy a dress ahead of your wedding. So, buy a bigger size than the usual because you may gain some weight despite your effort not to. If the dress is bigger, you can alter it but if it is smaller, you cannot do anything about it. Usually, the wedding dress needs four to eight months to be prepared. So, you need to keep your options open and arrange your wedding ceremony. But being too early can be detrimental sometimes because fashion can change, and better styles can come out. So, choose carefully.

Timing and Sizing wedding dress


Weddings are important, and so is your wallet. You cannot just buy something that will exhaust all you have! You need money to survive till the wedding and honeymoon and more!! If you do not know money management, your bank account may empty even before you know it. Besides, you need to take the hidden and incidental costs into account. You will not just be wearing a wedding dress. You will need jewelry, shoes and so on. So, always plan for incidental costs too.

Get Recommendation:

You will need to talk to a lot of your married friends or colleagues for a good recommendation on the bridal salon. You will need good customer service, and the salon also needs to have the things you like and want for yourself on the wedding day.

Theme and Three Adjectives:

Normally, every wedding ceremony has a particular theme. So, you have to match your dress with the theme of the day. You must decide the wedding theme before you go shopping. Then you have to select a shop and make an appointment so that the people there can help you with your dress. Always, select something not too expensive and then keep customizing it according to your taste and wallet. Try to describe the dress of your dream with three adjectives. This will help the attendant find you a suitable dress at a store.

When to Visit Bridal Salon:

Do not choose a weekend to visit a salon. They are very busy at the end of the week. So, visit during the weekdays. There will be fewer clients. You need to free up the whole day to select and try on your dress. You cannot just choose one and be done with it. You will have to wear a lot of them to find a suitable one.

Visit Bridal Salon

Take one or two very important friends or family members and let them help you decide on the wedding dress. Too many cooks spoil the broth. So, take the people whose suggestions matter to you. Also, choose your undergarment wisely as you will have to wear your dress over them.

Travel Plan and Other Considerations:

You need to keep the travel requirements in mind. If you have to travel by bus or train or plane, plan and find out if there are any restrictions on dress size.

Color, fabric, silhouette, and embellishments are very important so think about them carefully during the selection process. Take photos of your wedding hall or site to give the bridal salon an idea of what the theme will be like.

wedding Travel Plan

You can also shop online. Just note the return policy. If they are favorable then order a few dresses and try them on and if they do not fit then return them.

After you have decided on your wedding dress, you should stop worrying too much about it. Be confident and go ahead with the wedding which is even more important than the dress itself.

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