The 11 Best Bridal Shower Decorations Ideas of 2021

A bridal shower is an event that happens before the bride’s marriage ceremony. The bridal shower’s purpose is to celebrate the upcoming wedding ceremony. It is a daytime event. This event allows the guest to gift the couples to decorate their home. A bridal shower should be arranged three to six months before the marriage.

This tradition started in the 16th century in Holland. A father refused to pay the dowry for his daughter’s marriage as he was not happy with the marriage. But the people of the town tried to provide essentials and gifts to the girl to start her home without the dowry money. From then the tradition kept going on, and after many years it got the name Bridal Shower which is the event couples celebrate nowadays. We will focus on some bridal shower decorations ideas in this article for your favor.

Some of bridal shower decoration ideas:

1. Banners: 

Try to arrange a beautiful decorative banner for the bridal shower. It can have written bride-to-be or future Mrs. or wedding hashtags. Whatever it is, it will make the bride happy because a glamorous banner can be very helpful as the bride may pose under the banner for beautiful photos. After the bridal shower keep the banner in a safe place as you can use it for the bachelorette party.

2. Balloon Arch:

Balloon for bridal shower

The balloon is the most common but yet visually attractive item for decoration. Also, it is one of the cheapest options you may have. Select different colored balloons and create an arch using a glue gun.

3. Candle:

Another option for decorating a bridal shower can be tea candles and colorful prayer candles. Simply light them and arrange them in a pattern on a table where the party is taking place. 

4. Welcome signs:

Simply put a welcome sign at the entrance where the bridal shower is taking place. You can buy ready-to-go signs with different designs, or you can choose editable templates, which you may decorate the way you want to.

5. Picture of the couple:  

The photo of the couple as they have past times together can be a good option for decorating the bridal shower party. Take some selective photos of the couple, then arrange them from past to present on a banner or a clothespin picture frame.

6. Photo wall: 

Create a photo wall using a metallic foil fringe curtain which can be found in any party supply store. Do not throw away the curtain, as you can use it again at a bachelorette party.

7. Balloon letters:

Balloon letters

Balloon letters can also be an option to decorate the bridal shower party. You can use these letters on a banner to give it a more decorative look.

8. Rustic ladder:

You can use a simple wooden ladder for this decoration. Decorate the ladder with simple letters like Mr. and Mrs., or you can use artificial flowers on it. Another idea is you can hang photos from the rung of the ladder.

9. Table cloth:

Use colorful and designed tablecloths on all the tables on the floor. At the guest table, you can add floral centerpieces or confetti to give them a more decorative look. 

10. Place cards:

Another idea for decoration is using place cards to display names or numbers on the tables. You can easily find these cards in the local party stores.

11. Dress form:  

You can use a vintage dress form for the decoration of the bridal shower party. Decorate the dress form with colorful ribbons and artificial flowers.

vintage dress for bridal shower


A bridal shower is not just another party before marriage it shows your support and love for the bride as she is going to start a new life. The decoration of the bridal shower should not be expensive, rather it should be innovative and simple. We hope this article will help to get how the bridal shower decorations ideas should be. 

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