How to Pick your Wedding Colors

how to pick your wedding colors

When it comes to color, we become very uncertain even in our daily life activities; and if it is about a wedding then we become clueless as to which color will be the best for the wedding. On a super important day like the wedding day, everything needs to look the brightest and colorful. It … Read more

Best Wedding Venues in the USA

best wedding venues in the USA

When it decides on wedding venues, you want to make it right. You want to ‘wow’ your future spouse with your taste and ability to surprise. You have been doing everything right so far – the engagement ring, dress, venue, party, wedding dress, wedding ring, and everything else. Now it is the time to choose … Read more

How to Get Rid of Wedding Ring Rash

Wedding Ring Rash

Our skin is very sensitive. It can react to several things from the outside or inside. Often, food causes skin rashes, and sometimes rashes occur when our skin comes into contact with various outside items such as jewelry. We know the wedding ring is very important. But how important is it that you have to … Read more

How to Write a Best Man Speech Easily at a Wedding

How to Write a Best Man Speech

The ‘Best Man’. Yes, if you have got the job, you have to be the best man indeed!! It is a responsibility that could actually make everyone happy or just ruin everything there is. Whoever you are, or whatever your relationship is with the couple – in that wedding ceremony, there is no one better … Read more

Best Destination Wedding Locations in the US

Destination Wedding Locations

You get married only once in your life (usually), right? It is the most important decision to make after your college and career and the most important event in your life after your birth. Hence, you cannot afford to waste this chance to make some lifelong memories with your partner. Just like the dress, the … Read more

Gorgeous Wedding Lighting Ideas of 2021

Wedding Lighting Ideas

Wedding ceremony decoration is just as important as the event itself. The environment, the ambiance, etc., must all come together and create a memorable atmosphere. Not just that, the photos of the ceremony become unforgettable only because people put so much effort into the decoration. Lighting up the ceremony is a vital part of the … Read more

Best Wedding Hair Trends of 2021

wedding hair trends

Weddings are a very important event in human life. That is why a bride must look her best at her wedding. Just like dresses, ornaments, venue, and everything else, the bride’s hairstyle plays a very important role in the wedding. A beautiful hair style can either increase your beauty points or completely mess it up. … Read more

The 10 Best Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelor Party Ideas

Bachelors are free from many kinds of obligations. They can enjoy their lives like birds flying in the sky without any boundaries. On the other hand, when someone is in a relationship such as marriage and family, they will have to provide for their partner to keep the relationship in harmony. In family life, you … Read more