American Wedding Traditions

There are many traditions in an American wedding. These traditions have become kind of rules for weddings. To some Americans, these traditions are not rules but are meant to be fun and something that would make their wedding more enjoyable. And to some, these are ancients norms that do not have any meaning. These traditions are not originally from America rather these are borrowed traditions from other countries which have discarded these traditions already. This article will help to get a view of some of the American wedding traditions.

Traditions of American wedding:

Let’s have a look at some of the traditions that are being followed in American weddings.

Best man:

Best man

In the past, the wedding was nothing more than a business where the groom needed a swordsman who would help him to complete the transaction and at the same time would save him from any hostility from the bride’s family or friends. Or sometimes help to get a runaway bride who did not want to get married. But today the best man is not about swordsmanship or business deals. A best man is the friend of the groom who would accompany him while he embarks on the journey of a new life.

Engagement ring:

The idea of an engagement ring came from ancient Egypt, where an engagement band was used in a wedding to symbolize never-ending love. Now the use of gemstones on engagement rings came from Sicilians who used stones on rings as a symbol of burning love. Nowadays, it’s just a symbol that indicates that they are engaged in a relationship.

Ring bearer’s pillow:

Ring bearer’s pillow

In this tradition, a child carries a pillow that represents innocence and a new happy beginning of life together. The pillow itself represents the dreams coming true for the couple who are going to start a new life with happiness and joy.

Page boy:

In this old tradition, small boys called page boys are allowed to carry the bride’s train (a long fabric which is the extension of the wedding dress of the bride)across the aisle. But nowadays this tradition has changed. The page boys are called ring bearers as they carry the wedding rings. They can be close relatives of the bride and groom and are aged between three and ten.

Garter toss:

The garter toss tradition originated in France and England. This tradition is related to the wedding garter worn by the bride. A wedding garter is a lingerie worn by the bride underneath her wedding dress. In this tradition, the groom will take off the lingerie from the bride and throw it to the crowd of single men. The one who catches the garter is probably the one going to get married next.

Wedding bells:

Wedding bells tradition came from Ireland. Irish people used to think that the bell can keep bad spirits away and bring happiness to newlywed couples. Still, in some Irish weddings, the bride carries small bells with her bouquet to get rid of bad luck. Nowadays, bells are used to announce that the newlywed couple has arrived at the ceremony.


On a honeymoon, the groom has to take the bride on a drive or to a beautiful place where they will enjoy their romantic moments and happiness privately. It can be for weeks or months. A wedding without a honeymoon can not be thought of.


Bridal shower:

This tradition came from an event that took place in Holland in the 15th century. Where a poor girl was helped by the townsfolk to get her home ready for her new life. This was meant for poor people. But today’s bridal shower is all about fun and joy.


Though most of the American wedding traditions are borrowed from different countries, they are changing day by day as the young generations prefer something new that goes more with modern days and that is what makes the American wedding traditions unique.

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